For me, it all began in the late ’80s, when, as a wife and mother, I was operating a successful secretarial service and expanding into the areas of business development and résumé writing. Over the next ten years of working with hundreds of business owners and job seekers, I saw the need for something more than career coaching and business consulting. People often seemed out of balance, driven by fear and the expectations of others. I found myself longing to do more than just help them find new jobs or start new businesses. I wanted to be there to guide them through the kinds of changes that would bring fulfillment and lasting joy to their lives … regardless of the paths their careers took.

I chose Integrative Coaching because it recognizes the power of internal wisdom and embraces a holistic approach, integrating mind, body, and spirit in the process of creating a truly extraordinary life. My own experience with the coach training program transformed my life from one of outward success masking inner doubt and insecurity to a purpose-driven, balanced life filled with more success, self-love, family connection, joy, and fun than I ever imagined possible.


Mt. Halemaumau


Here I am on my 60th birthday, on a bicycle ride on the Big Island of Hawaii. That barren area behind me is the smoking Halemaumau crater at the top of the Kilauea volcano (the one that erupted mightily in May of 2018). My goal for turning 60 was to be doing something my Grandmother would have never dreamed of doing. Riding a bicycle around a smoking volcano seemed to fit the bill nicely!