“My coaching experience with Barbie transformed my life! Learning to integrate the principles from the recommended reading into my daily life and decision-making process has been extremely beneficial. Barbie’s insightful questions, gentle guidance, and weekly accountability helped me make progress with several long-standing issues. I found Barbie to be a compassionate, motivating, and inspiring coach. I now look at situations in all areas of my life from a new perspective and find that my happiness level is soaring. I highly recommend Barbie Dallmann as a personal life coach!” [K. Keshemberg, Nationally Certified Résumé Writer, Appleton, Wisconsin]

“Before coaching with Barbie, I was experiencing a difficult relationship with my grown children. I felt lonely and left out of their lives. Coaching with Barbie was like talking with the best friend I could ever have. She guided me to discover what the real issues were and how to change them. When I realized that the situation mirrored my relationship with my own mother, things began to change. As I shifted my perspective, released my judgments, and changed my thoughts about my mom, I was amazed at how everything began to shift. Now the dynamics with my own children have improved, and I feel more relaxed and happy. Barbie’s coaching was encouraging, and her approach left me with a good feeling about myself and my family.” [J. Wysong, Massage Therapist, Nitro, West Virginia]

“I’ve had a goal whose achievement has eluded me for years. Through the Essentials coaching with Barbie, I’ve finally taken concrete steps toward completing it. If you’re interested in a compassionate challenge to your status-quo thinking, Barbie’s the coach for you.” [N. Malvin, Family Historian, Troy, Illinois]
“I was stuck. I had a career dream that had been floating around in the back of my mind for years. Through coaching, I was able to put my priorities in place, create balance in my life, and make a specific, measurable plan. With the help of Coach Barbie, I was also able to implement the same processes into my personal life. When things aren’t right at home, they tend to affect all areas of my life. Now I am able to ask myself the right questions, and to get the answers on my own. By learning how to take the emotional steam out of the equation, I am able to handle my relationships with my family members with empathy and grace! Thanks to my work with Coach Barbie, I’m now confidently building the life of my dreams!” [J. G. Farmer, Banker, Artist, Entrepreneur, Bradenton, Florida]

“Because of Barbie’s coaching gifts I am finally able to start that dream business I’ve wanted for decades. She is very gifted with the left-brained, logical skills that elude me, such as business, numbers, and financial issues. Yet, she is also gifted with the right-brained creative, sensitive, and artistic side. This means she can help art-focused people like me to understand the foreign language of left brain activities like business skills. She sends important information to me between our sessions to keep me inspired to do my best. I am in awe of how efficient Barbie is and what an excellent role model she is for anyone to emulate. She is a coach who inspires others through how she lives her own life.” [T. Colada, Singer/Artist, Hot Springs, Virginia]

“I never cease to be amazed at the commitment of support that my coach has made to me, and the amount of faith that she expresses in me, even when I am at my worst. I still have much work to do, but this experience has made me aware that there are so many more possibilities to my life, real possibilities, not just daydreams and wishful thinking. I do indeed have a new perspective and a hope of better things to come, which is based on what I now know to be true about myself and the world.” [M. Bright, Engineer, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania]

“Barbie came into my life when I was getting ready to start my new career, my own business. Something was very much in the way for me; it was keeping me from getting going. I didn’t know what. I asked Barbie to help me make plans, schedules, and help me organize the work because I thought that was my problem. Barbie suggested we look elsewhere first and asked about my self-confidence. I got very emotional because she hit me right on the spot, even if I had not recognized it myself. The intuition and gifts that Barbie has of really hearing what needs to be taken care of first is what makes her such a powerful coach. Working with Barbie, benefiting from her insight and structured mind, great efficiency and warm heart, made me in a short time feel self confident, empowered, and happy, getting results beyond my wildest dreams.” [B. Theren, Professional Educator and Life Coach, Stockholm, Sweden]