Friendly Service … Professional Results

After 35 years of business ownership, I have entered a new era. While I am still friendly, professional, and very much dedicated to supporting others in successfully reaching their goals, I am no longer keeping regular office hours and only rarely answering my business phone (you can thank robocallers for that).

If we have worked together successfully in the past and you need my services now, please email or call. I am very gladly accepting projects that are in alignment with my goals and availability. (I do check voice mail and return calls so please leave a message or email me if I don’t answer the phone.)

Phone: 304-419-4495

My Primary Focus

  • Life Coaching and Workshop Presentations
  • Supporting past clients in the areas of:
    – Word Processing, Typesetting, and Editing
    – Résumé Updates
    – West Virginia Registered Agent Services
    – Notary Services
  •  Training & Consulting Services in the areas of:
    – Non-Profit Bookkeeping, QuickBooks, & Grant Management
    – Small Business and Personal Bookkeeping with QuickBooks
    – Non-Profit Board Training for those unfamiliar with financial oversight


The History of Happy Fingers and my Vision for the Future

In 1984 I started the first “computerized typing service” in Charleston, West Virginia. While everyone else was using typewriters, I received SBA financing to buy an outrageously expensive computer with word processing software. Thus began an interesting journey: from secretarial services and transcription to writing, editing, résumé design, job search assistance, bookkeeping, payroll processing, grant management, life coaching and workshop facilitation. My passion for coaching has been growing over the past dozen years, and my work is centered in the areas of self-esteem, personal development, business start-up, self-compassion, Essential Skills for Life, Courageous Living, The Energy of Money, and Conscious Aging. In 2018, I sold my bookkeeping/payroll/grant management business and have begun a “Gradual Retirement” experiment.

In the coming decades I hope to do more traveling, writing, painting, and connecting with those I love the most. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with so many wonderful clients doing the work I love for so many years.

Watercolor by Barbie Dallmann