Maybe you feel driven by a fear or a sense of being stuck?

Maybe it’s a persistent feeling of discomfort or some problem that just won’t go away?

Maybe you’ve set a goal that has consistently remained out of reach?

Whatever it is–at this moment–it may feel too difficult to manage in the usual way. You may feel confused, discouraged, or even defeated.

Whatever you’re feeling, it is good. It may not feel good, but the feeling is moving you to take action, and that is good.  Action means there is a spark of hope that things can change. Hope means you still believe in yourself and your ability to get what you want. Hope is encouraging you to ask for a little bit of help to get things moving in the right direction.

So, what can you expect if you engage me as your life coach?

I will begin by listening carefully and then offering my perspectives on your challenges and goals.

I will create a safe, supportive environment as you clarify your heart’s deepest desires. I will be there to assist you in creating a workable plan that will reliably take you where you most want to go.

Best of all, I will supply you with new tools, teach you successful strategies, and provide the structure and accountability you need to create the kind of life you have always wanted to live.

If you’re longing for a more authentic, courageous, joyful life, then make that commitment to yourself right now. Stop searching — Start living.

Call or email today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

It’s time for you get used to finding what you’re searching for.


A Spark of Hope

“A Spark of Hope” (Watercolor by Barbie Dallmann)