2019 Art Calendars

Available While Supplies Last


Plus $5 Shipping (USA)

Save shipping by arranging to pick up your calendar(s) personally by using this Google Order Form.

Order for shipping via PayPal using one of the following links. Be sure to include your name and address in the PayPal ordering window. (For more than three calendars, please use Google Order Form above.)

One Calendar – $25

Two Calendars (shipped to same address) – $47.50

Three Calendars (shipped to same address) – $70

I’ll be happy to personalize each calendar by putting an original signature on the page of your choosing and/or indicating birthdays or anniversaries. Gift wrapping is also available at no extra charge. If you’d like special handling of your order, please ask! There is a section for special requests on the order form.

If you’d like additional information, feel free to contact me via email or phone (304-419-4495).

Thank you for your interest, encouragement, and support!

2019 Calendar Preview Thumbnails